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When we talk about what is creativity, is it just the invention of something new that’s useful? What does new mean? What does useful mean? These are very, very vague words. I think creativity, like porn, you just know it when you see it. But I do think one essential component of the definition of creativity has to be the second life. That it’s a new idea that finds a place in the world. That it becomes part of this positive feedback loop, where it’s an idea that begets ideas.
Jonah Lehrer, on creativity
innovation is what the weekends are for… Instead of innovating on your weekends, overcome the structural impediments and time constraints to real change by approaching innovation from two directions: outside-in and inside-out.
Stop Blabbing About Innovation and Start Doing It

Innovative Fashion Enterprise Development

Monday, April 9th

Introductory session to help set the foundation for innovation in your enterprise. This session is designed to help Fashion Entrepreneurs explore solutions for their 2012 Innovation Challenge with the aim of teaching the skills you need to create new innovative ideas for products or services and how to effectively deliver and implement them with your audience.


Independent Fashion Entrepreneur

If you are a young talented fashion creative with dreams of becoming a fashion professional or have a clear vision for developing an innovative fashion business this interactive workshop aims to provide you with an introduction to the IFE Projects, our key values and provide you with an understanding of the exciting possibilities of fashion entrepreneurship.

Topics - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Fashion.

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Design It Yourself Internship with WECREATE NYC

Who we are:

WECREATE NYC is a curated community of innovators who are interested in generating lasting economy and social change. Our space is purposefully designed to innovate, collaborate, and grow a sustainable business. We believe in collaboration, innovation, and community.

What we want:

We want people with open brains who are highly curious. This an opportunity to create your own skills, build a knowledge base, and develop new tools for your future career. As an intern at WECREATE, you will design your own program based on your passions - we’ve helped previous interns launch a magazine and become art curators - so this is your chance to shine. We want you to bring new actionable goals to our space and leave with a completed experience. You will also contribute to our community and events, including partnerships and members-only activity for the space.

This internship is for those who:

  • are the outliers, the independent thinkers, and those of curious mind.
  • accept that there is no definitive way of thinking and that it is time to ‘re-invent’ the wheel.
  • believe that innovation is about creating long lasting change.
  • want an economy that provides sustainability for all who seek it.
  • share an interest in the areas of neurology, psychology, and industrial engineering.

Ideal candidates will:

  • be an excellent writer and demonstrate effective communication skills
  • be outgoing, friendly, and eager to interact with community members and engage the public
  • be well organized and have the ability to manage multiple projects at once
  • have a creative outlook and fresh perspective, and a passion to both create new projects and improve upon existing programs
  • ability to conduct research and summarize findings

This internship will cover practical tools for marketing, business strategy, innovation, problem solving, business streamlining and efficiency.

We are here to help and guide your ambition to create a different future for yourself.

Interested in creating change? Email: with this completed form:

All interns must be available in-person at our Union Square space at least one day a week, during a 3-6 month period. This is an unpaid internship.

Coffee Talk

This morning’s coffee table session was led by our industrial engineer expert and co-founder, Daniel, to address our latest article series, Bursting the New York Bubble.

Joining us today is Ash of Better Than Paper, a new mobile content strategy platform, and Cat, journalist and branding consultant. Here are the big questions we’re challenging New Yorkers to answer - 

Let’s drive new success!

What NYC norms do we have to change to impact the critical mass?

How can we create micro-communities to facilitate change?

Who should we collaborate with to make ideas happen?

Does upward mobility still exist in the American Dream?

Why are the channels closed in working environments? Why are people and companies not open to sharing and transparency?

How can new tech startups better engage innovation?

How can we stop dogmatic thought to open ourselves to new ideas?

In business, as in jazz, the interaction of those two sides, the yin and the yang of innovation, fuels new ideas and products. The mixture varies by company… The Google-Apple comparison, Mr. Kao says, highlights the “archetypical tension in the creative process.”
The Yin and Yang of Corporate Innovation
The new edition of America Speaks, a compilation of public opinion polls commissioned by Research!America, demonstrates increasing public support for research and innovation to improve health, create jobs and boost the economy.
Majority of Americans say research and development are key to building US economy
Curating a community of tool builders, intelligent makers, and inspiring collaborators to impact economic and social change. We are here to further dialogue on creative development.

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